Qusheli Footwear has been established by Ilhan Kuseli in 2001 as a manufacturer of high quality products for the wholesale, retail and e-commerce markets. Our Headquarter is located in Istanbul – Turkey. Management, production and warehousing facilities are set in premises of over 2.200 square meters.

Qusheli takes effort with more then hundred employees and a management team for sustainable customer relationship in attention of time-sensitivity of the deadlines. With new investments of machinery, our daily production capacity has reached a volume between 550 - 650 pairs.

Qusheli’s traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of the business transactions in the wholesale – retail markets in Europe and Worldwide.

Qusheli has redefined shoes with outstanding technical know-how and a perfected high-tech production process for customer demand. Research, design and innovation skills are always at the forefront of its activities to guarantee a top quality production range. Therefor;

Qusheli offers customers the opportunity to express themselves freely with its production of collections designed in paralell with ever changing customer expectation and lifestyles. With our global network of partners and suppliers, Qusheli is specialized in high-tech production of new designed shoe collections based on all seasonel trends of the markets for the world’s leading customers and their high-volume order intakes.

Qusheli shares its common corporate policy of attaining and maintaining Zero Accident at all work sites with emphasis on the safety of human beings at the first place.

Qusheli has intense trade relations with European and Asian countries, such as United Kingdom UK, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Japon, South Korea, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakistan, Quwait and Saudi Arabia.

Putting human health in the first place as a principle for raw materials, semifinished products and accessories, Qusheli considers the protection of nature as the foundation of sustainable production.

Qusheli guaranties various important specifications such as;

Sustainable High Quality Leather Products, which are being tested step by step during the production. We are using only Leather Row Material from registered and certificated producers of the Leather Working Group. This group sets environmental best practices in the industry and provides its members with a sustainable, traceable supply chain environment.

Sustainable liners. Recycled polyester liners are produced from plastic bottles and plastic materials which are collected from the bottom of the seas.

Sustainable Shoelaces. Our products consist of 100% organic cotton.

Sustainable Soles. All of our products are combined with ecologic soles.